Wine Review: Red Moscato, Beringer


Today is what’s trending on Twitter as #DayWithoutAWoman; the day when women are encouraged to participate¬†in a show of solidarity for equal pay and equal rights by staying home.

I get it, but there is a certain overlooked irony. Go ahead, take your time….

I would say that I’m on strike but, coincidentally, I was off today. I might be a rebel but then again, I may just be an opportunist.

Today is interesting for other reasons. As I write this I am fully expecting to be fired from the gym, thus closing the door on a four year long chapter in my career.

I decided not to renew my personal training certification and I thought they probably wouldn’t notice.

I thought wrong.

They contacted me yesterday requesting an updated copy of my training certificate.

Today I told them that I don’t, and won’t, have it.

So, like I said, I’m expecting to be fired.

On the one hand it makes me sad.

To think I’ve been busting my ass in the fitness industry for the last four years only to have it end this way.

On the other hand, continuing in this professional makes me sad, and mad, for all kinds of reasons. Into every life falls an occasion to decide which fork in the road will lead to money in the bank and peace in the mind.

Which brings me to my next point.

I’ve also been busting my ass at my new, non fitness related, job for the last three months and last week I was rewarded with a promotion and a fat raise. ūüôā

Oh yes, now I remember why I didn’t renew my training certification.

When I got home from work that night, Xavier and I celebrated with a bottle of Beringer Red Moscato.


I had been wanting to try it based on how much I enjoyed their Pink Moscato.

As it turns out, the¬†red and pink are not actually¬†very similar but the red is also quite tasty. The pink is sweeter and definitely has more oak whereas the red is almost more of a Rose’. The back label describes it as “semi-sweet” and Xavier describes it as “a liquid sweet tart”.

Margot, the alcoholic cat, describes it as “the best thing ever”.

Down and dirty facts:

This wine costs about $7.

Xavier had no headache but I woke up at 4:00 in the morning with the ice-pick-through-the-temple. ¬†He is usually more prone to wine headaches than I am but there’s not always any rhyme or reason to this stuff.

Individual wines affect individual people individually.

My advice: If you’re staying home today, for whatever reason, have a glass of wine with dinner. It’ll make you feel better about the path not taken.

Wine Review: Pink Moscato, Beringer

Not everything cheap is bad…

At this point in our wine experimentation careers, Xavier and I have tried just about all of the cheap Moscato wines from our neighborhood liquor store. We’ve run the gamut of yellowtail, Fish Eye and Barefoot and we’ve also tried some of the less cheap¬†varieties such as Cupcake and Sea Glass. Incidentally, from this list, you’ll want to avoid the Fish Eye and the Barefoot. If they’re the only options on the shelf, save the $6 and just buy yourself a¬†packet of Kool-Aid.

I’ve always lumped Beringer in with what I considered to be “the cheap wines”, mostly because of the $7 price tag, but I must say that I found this Moscato to be notably better than the others in the same price range.

If I were a guerilla that only knew 1000 words in sign language, I would name this wine Oak Nectar for it’s pleasantly sweet and surprisingly woody taste. It is currently my favorite Moscato and hummingbirds would stab each other in the eye to claim the feeder filled with this wine.

Editors note: Never feed wine to hummingbirds, it kills them.

While I have no idea how to pair wine with food, I do recommend having wine with food because drinking wine without food looks a lot like being an alcoholic.

This particular evening we enjoyed our wine with my favorite dinner. This post is not about cooking but I am a damn fine cook if I do say so myself. Pictured below is my baked/broiled chicken with Brussels sprouts, tiny potatoes and red onion.

Dinner Of Champions

In summary, Pink Moscato from Beringer is quite tasty and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring it to a party or to serve it to my friends. ¬†Additionally, it did not give me a headache and, at 11.5% alcohol, it delivers a bit more bang for the buck than most of its similarly priced competitors.