What’s Fonzie Like?


I was working alone in the copy center for the first time today.

Naturally, that meant being slammed with Easterville’s finest in needy and rude patrons.

Retail is a b’yatch.

A woman who was hearing impaired tore up copies that she had made and threw them at me because she apparently thought that being deaf was also a no-holds-barred license to act like a twat.

It’s not, by the way, and I walked away from her until she could write down what she wanted like a civilized human being.  She thought that was rude but I thought it was nicer than punching her.

There were others but she was the worst.

A relentless poo-blizzard of treacherous bastards…

And then a brief reprieve when a lady came in with several boxes that needed taping up and shipping.  She noticed my TaijiFit pendant.

“That’s a beautiful necklace, what does it mean?”

Me: “It’s supposed to look like a Chinese character but it’s actually a person doing Tai Chi.”

Her: “Oh, that’s so cool! Do you practice Tai Chi?”

Me: “I do.”

Her: “That must be why you look so calm in the midst of this chaos.”

Me: “Do I look calm?”

Her: “Yes!”

Me: “Well then, I deserve a Twinkie!”

She laughed and I stayed cool, like Jules in Pulp Fiction.






A Time To Create


“We’ll not be given time to create, we be asked to create in real time.”


Two years ago, I fled to the Sky Island Mountains to seek shelter from the turmoil and recharge my soul under the blazing sky.

In retrospect, that is why all of us were there. Why so many would travel from so far to meet on the mountain in the name of finding the flow.

Some said it was a cult, and they were probably right, but we went anyway.

Nothing was good on the day I left and I drove for a very long time.

What happened next changed everything in an instant. The lights came on and it was time to start over.

Xavier was standing on the porch at the end of the road to Oracle.

Accusations were made and some said it was contrived.

It was not.

With more unlikely details than I could possibly arrange, somethings fall outside my scope of practice and this was one of them.

But even if it was, contrived that is, I say “what of it?” and advise the inquisition to walk away peacefully while they still can.

Two years ago in a flurry of fear and hurt and desperation, I went to a retreat to study Tai Chi and drink wine with my friends.

Instead, I met a boy and we played push hands and fell in love on the couch.

We’re married now but getting married was easy. Easy compared to the force of nature it took to bring us together and break us free.

The wedding was nice but this was the day of creation.