Gin Days Of Summer: Albuquerque Breaking Blue Collins


Albuquerque Breaking Blue Collins Gin Cocktail Recipe

Here in Los Lunas, New Mexico it’s hot. Like, 5th ring of hell hot. The last week of June it was over 100 degrees every day.

I love wine but when the summer is this hot, it’s time to cool things down so I’ve created a series of terrifically delicious Gin based cocktails based on the Tom Collins. Variations on a theme, if you will.

First up is the Albuquerque Breaking Blue Collins!

Here’s the recipe:

In a glass of ice, mix the following in this order.

1.5oz shot of gin

I don’t measure the other stuff, so flavor to taste.

On top of the gin add a splash (or 3) of lime juice.

Top off with Sparkling ICE Blue Raspberry – it comes in a skinny bottle and most grocery stores carry it with the flavored sparkling water. (see photo below)

Stir. Don’t add anything else until you stir!

Garnish with half a slice of lime – be sure to rub the lime all over the mouth of the glass, leaving behind as much pulp as possible.

Add two maraschino cherries.

Last step – pour in a small amount of cherry juice from the jar. Make sure that the drink has already been stirred because if you stir it after the cherry juice goes in, it defeats the purpose. The cherry juice will sink to the bottom, creating a lovely layered effect.

Fair warning: if you drink one, you will want another!
Albuquerque Breaking Blue Collins Gin Cocktail Recipe