Wine Review: 2014 Hot To Trot Red Blend, 14 Hands Winery


Craziest thing, I could swear I already wrote this review – like three weeks ago- but, seeing as how I can’t find it anywhere in my drafts or on this blog, I guess I just made that part up.

Wine consumption may or may not affect my memory and cognitive skills.

Hot To Trot is supposed to be their (14 Hands) smooth red blend. And it is, and it’s good, except this one part. There is something about all of their reds, a subtle quality that I can’t tell if it’s a smell or a taste, but it’s a little sumptin’ sumptin’ that is off-putting. I don’t know how else to describe it or if anyone else even experiences it. Maybe it’s just me and my funky wine genome.

Hot To Trot would otherwise be an excellent red blend were it not for this mysteriously subtle flavor of…. ashes from Mt. Saint Helens, fish head fertilizer, the pH of the soil… Heck, I have no idea what it could be but the first time I noticed it, I thought it was probably a fluke. Here it is again though so probably not a fluke.

Maybe it’s just the way the Columbia Valley tastes.

13.5% alcohol and better if you let it sit for a while.

Still funky though.