Gin Days Of Summer: Cherry Limeade Collins


Cherry Limeade Collins Gin Cocktail Recipe

Who needs Sonic when you can make your own “adult” cherry limeade at home?

Here is my recipe for a Gin Cherry Limeade Collins.

In a glass of ice add the following in this order:

1.5 oz shot of Gin

2 or 3 splashes of lime juice.

Top off with Cherry Limeade flavored seltzer water.

Stir. Don’t add anything else until you stir.

Garnish with a slice of lime. Be sure to rub the lime all around the mouth of the glass, leaving behind as much pulp as possible.

Add two maraschino cherries.

Pour in about 2 teaspoons worth of cherry juice from the jar (could also use Grenadine). The cherry juice will settle to the bottom, creating a lovely layered effect.

These are unreasonably delicious and go down fast. Remember to pace yourself so as not to end up face down on the table.


Gin Cherry Limeade Cocktail Recipe