Wine Review: 2015 Cabernet Merlot, Black Opal


With wildfires raging through California Wine Country as we speak, I think it’s a good thing that Australia and Chile produce some excellent California-alternatives.

This Black Opal Cabernet Merlot is from South Eastern Australia and it’s mighty fine.

Purchased to celebrate two special occasions, Black Opal does not disappoint.

Special Occasion #1: October 9th is the day that Xavier and I began our relationship, which was approximately 24 hours after meeting in person for the first time at a Tai Chi retreat in Oracle, Arizona. We’re so adorable it’s not even funny.img_0520_c

That was three years ago, now we’re an old married couple (well, he’s older – but not too old- and I keep telling myself that I look the same) in the process of buying a house, which is a thing that married people do. Still adorable though.

Special Occasion #2: I earned my first professional I.T. Certification on Sunday (which was October 8th – but close enough)

Since then, I have come down with a dreadful cold which raises the question: Can you mix wine with DayQuil? Is WineQuil a thing?

Joking, obviously.

Anyway, about the Black Opal. It’s $9.99, has a convenient (because I’m lazy) screw cap, and weighs in at 13.5% alcohol. It didn’t give me a headache but Xavier said it gave him a mild one.

Given a few minutes to breathe, this wine is blueberries and chocolate all night long; a smooth drinker that is all too easy to keep on drinking. Which reminds me, whenever the clerk at the liquor store asks if I want a receipt, I always reply, “Not unless you give free refills.” Needless to say, I never take the receipt and there is one less piece of trash on the floor of my car.

Xavier said it was good paired with chocolate and vanilla ice cream waffle cone. I gave it a whirl and thought the wine was better by itself. Prior to breaking out the ice cream, we had paired it with turkey chili, which was very nice.

I believe this is the second review in a row where the winemaker’s description reads “…and a touch of mint.” Clearly someone needs to spit out their gum cuz there ain’t no mint.

Not minty, but better because of it. Mighty fine adult grape juice.

Author: d. Nelle Vincent

I write stories about wine and the human condition because the devil, as they say, is in the details.

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